Digital IDs & Incentivized Ridership

Digital IDs

Digital IDs provide a secure and convenient way for all riders to access transportation without carrying cash or cards, while retaining the convenience and simplicity of account replenishment and vehicle location tracking.

Incentivized Ridership

Our Incentivized Ridership program uses stacking and multiplying real-world incentives coupled with progress game-ification tied to social accounts which allow riders to compete for points and trophies.

Blockchain Sovereign Identity & Issuance

Blockchain Sovereign Identity

A virtually uncompromisable identity system tied into municipal and state identification systems and accounts for security and verification of user data.


A platform to manage and issue user identity accounts throughout population areas that allow residents to quickly and securely access services without theft concerns.

Enhanced Visitor Management + Forms

Enhanced Visitor Management

A visitor management system for schools, corporate offices, and government facilities that maintains up-to-date records with persons of concern from government databases and local, user-created records.


Entry and exit forms to maintain accurate counts and off-site records of all individuals entering and exiting buildings with photos and time/date information.

Omicron Technologies, Inc.

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